Letter to that man again

Dear Monty,

'Recalled to Life'

I have discovered some of my old drawings from the early eighties, when I had just started the Fine Art Degree at Portsmouth. I searched them out because a friend reminded me of my love of trees.

God moves through people in a kind of energy - a living energy that points to the source of all living things. It was this energy that I recognised first in trees ! It sounds mad but once I started to see the power of this energy, I could see it everywhere.

I could see it in the movement of ships through water, through the energy of our activities.

Through our bodies our movement.

Looking back on these drawings makes me sad, because I seem to have lost that energy in my artwork and maybe my life now, but I still see it in the hills, in the cycle of the seasons, even out of our kitchen window. I also see it in the paintings of Van Gogh and others who see beyond the obvious.

You said on Gardeners' World something like - 'Knowing your garden intimately is in the end more important than horticultural knowhow' I believe this with all my heart, and I believe it applies to life, to faith, to love, knowing intimately is more important than knowledge.



  1. Hi Paul,
    'gardening know-how' only comes about through our own responses, our own education and observation. I don't profess to have any knowledge that could be codified or offered as training, but I know that what I know works for me. And I know I need to keep picking up a whole lot more!
    Lovely drawings, above, by the way, which show a real talent.

    1. Thank You ! Yes we are always learning, knowing what works for you is knowing your space intimately.


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