Steaming and greening

Dear Monty,

Strange how winter creates a fading of both plant life and the memory of it.

I am surprised each spring by the emergence of plants forgotten about in the cold (and this year - wet) winter.

This morning in the rain - I noticed how beautiful are the bursts of subtle colour in the new leaves, ranging from dark purple to yellows and acid greens.

There was only ever a roughed out plan for this garden, other than that it continues to change and develop year on year in an organic and sculptural way.

Yesterday I walked along the coastal path in North Wales with charleshawes .We followed the line of the Ffestiniog Railway with its evocative sights smells and sounds.

Our conversation ranged from discussing gardens, sex and God. We walked a hilly 9 miles from Maentwrog ....

... to Porthmadog where we found an eatery called : The Big Rock Cafe. It was immediately welcoming with an enticing array of baked goods, breads, cakes and savouries.

During the gardens discussion in the comfy cafe  I was fascinated to hear how Veddw came into being. Anne had no design in her mind, but looked at the sloping fields, the surrounding landscape and researched the history of the place, and out of the land she crafted a series of garden rooms reflecting the sense of the place - a kind of 'slow sculpture' as Charles described it.

Gardens are very personal places.

Charles asked me which UK garden is my favourite. Having not visited many, of the few I have seen in Wales I would say more than one. The Veddw, Plas Brodanw (with reservations previously discussed in this blog) and shock of own ! One garden I would very much like to visit is the garden of filmmaker, artist and poet Derek Jarman. From what I can see from his book about the garden, Jarman like Anne Wareham, Clough Willams Ellis and others created a garden which is an expression of the artists emotional and intellectual response to the physical place.

Frighteningly I have now been asked to sculpt a garden in Somerset and all I have is a gut feeling and a very rough sketch.



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