Sugar Loaf

Dear Monty,

After a frosty start looking at the coal tip garden, I went to meet up with friend, social worker, photographer, blogger and associate garden maker to to walk the Sugar Loaf mountain above Abergavenny.

Being principally spiritual, arty, romantic ? I look at the world from that perspective - this may be perceived by others as deluded - hence the title of this blog. I have wondered for some time who has the right to title themselves as an artist - or in Charles's case photographer - is it success in financial terms rather than whether the work inspires or communicates beyond words ? The inventors of art nouveau said that art is for everybody - there is no high or low art - that dream did not last like most dreams. Charles and I always have good conversations when we walk which I value very much, they make me re - examine myself  and my beliefs and help me to refine what makes me tick, so as a thank you to Charles I have written some words to reflect what was going on in my strange head after our bright exertion.

Sugar Loaf

Dreaming I still dream of a life lived that dips into the crystal stream of clear consciousness
The stream that flows from God's blue skied hard topped peak
Where the world spreads out beneath

He utters words I dare not speak

Names are carved in stone - but this time no verse
Forgiveness is difficult
For creatures cursed with knowledge

When will these rocks melt and the sun turn to cold blood - no more to burn ?
What will the marks we made upon this earth mean then ?

The river will cease to cut its path
Seas will dry up
Fools will perish where there is no love

Wake up to this sharp beauty
This spear of crystal cold
The air of life
Caressed in love
Never forgotten



  1. I love 'bright exertion' - though I know it was in your prose. Beware of letting that dogmatic self confident bloke confront you. Fight back! Xxxxx

  2. When you think how much effort must have gone into carving those names into the stones, you can't help hoping that the couple are still a couple. The previous photo of the stones is intriguing - how many animal faces can you see? And I hope that whatever Charles is carrying in the final photo was not the route map. You should know by now, never let Charles get the map!

  3. Here's me on another device trying to get through to you!
    Loved the post and the pics. Am writing up my version of our walk this week!
    Just for the record, we didn't get lost once! Though you nearly lost your temper.

    1. Not nearly - I did ! Hate seeing the churning up of 'protected' land by trial bikes and off roading.


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