Seven stars

Dear Monty,

The river mixes red soil like blood with the clear waters filtered in the depths of limestone.
A furious cauldron
Thundering under the wooden footbridge.

It pounds my ears
And thunders in my chest
Awakening my slumbering soul.

It shouts RAGE !
It hisses DANGER !
How quickly the mind reverts to fear
How fast I forget its vast and infinite origin.

Resting in the shelter of a porch
Conversation reminds me of the potent curse
Of knowing both good and ill in the land of the living.

Fear ties me up
Binding my mind
Keeping thoughts small
In the confines of Babylon's walls.

Whilst drinking coffee I notice seven stars in the crack of the paving beneath my feet
I see that LIFE courses like a river through my veins
A LIFE without restrictions.



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