Upon the roof - remembering where I am

Dearest Monty,

We had a leak around the chimney of our wood burner, only a small drip thankfully, but it meant climbing up on to the flat roof of the kitchen in order to seal it.

It was a frosty misty morning - the mist sinking into the valley.
Being elevated helped me to remember where I am - where this small garden is - perched on the side of a hill which is now surrounded by trees.

We often lose the context when we are at ground level. I realise that I need to get that sense of context back.

I recently visited Hauser and Wirth in Bruton Somerset where the Oudolf field is laid out like a sole of a running shoe. I found the whole scheme too flat - too much on one plane. It is as though I crave higher structures - punctuation if you like. Perhaps it is as a result of living in the hills for so long.

Looking down on the garden from the roof was a bit like looking at the field of perennials - everything was flattened out - and to be honest I am getting bored with the fixed vista - perhaps it is because keeping the trees and shrubs in pots either side of the path - means they are kept small. Maybe I need to set them free ?

However I love the fact that making a garden - like making a painting - is a continuum - a process. I think I am yet to get what I am looking for - I need like all of us to feel rooted, connected. It needs more work.



  1. Oooo - wonder what comes next? That last pic looks GREAT!

  2. It's looking lovely already, in my opinion.

    1. And your opinion is of value to me ... so thank you ! It is the scale and balance that's not quite right. It's difficult to get that from a photograph I suppose. X


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