I am barely here but the garden remains

Dear Monty,

It has been a while since I wrote to you. People are saying that this year has been one of tragedy - it is true and barely bearable. The depths to which we sink always surprises me until I see myself and realize ..... OK I am full of prejudice too.

Gardens are places of healing are they not ? I find even in the Winter there is a sense of something bigger than our foolish ways to be found even in this small garden.

I remember being disappointed in the summer that my little artwork of a garden still does not have enough for the garden photographer and more importantly - friend - Charles Hawes to find interesting . I accept this and look for ways of making it visually more so - it is a challenge in such a small space.

I read Noel Kingsbury's blog - noels-garden.blogspot.com  In his latest blog he has written about Japanese gardens - and the art of placement. I believe this is what I am aiming for. Not a pseudo Japanese garden, but one with elements that exude a sense of peace.

I am still hopeful.



  1. Dear Paul
    Yes, it's been far too long. I can't tell you how much I look forward to your posts. I can't. The dog would get jealous. This post raises all sorts of questions, as ever. Such as what do you mean that you are barely here? Where else are you? I'm jealous that you find your garden a place of healing. Mine is the opposite. All that box blight. I tell you, it's depressing. I am surprised you are friends with that Charles Hawes fella. I find him very rude. And I am certainly not going to visit his garden. No way. I couldn't give tuppence for his opinion about your garden; I suggest you follow suit. You do your own thing. I think your garden looks fab. Happy New Year. Monty.


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