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You may see things differently

Dear reader,

I used to write these letters to Monty Don, and I still find his contrasting views on gardens very interesting even if a little confusing. He seems to dislike artifice yet he 'loves' Chelsea. This kind of seemingly contradictory mix is probably found in us all - we perhaps go with the tide of opinion, we get swept up in the glory and glamour of show gardens (which those of us who are financially challenged could never achieve) - and then we are brought down to earth by the reality of our own plots.

But what I've also come to realise is that I see my garden differently to others - that my view of my little world is not the same as other peoples view of that world - they see order where I see relaxed - they see weeds where I see food plants for caterpillars - they see too much work where I see .... OK yes I see work too!

Why am I rambling like this ? Well as you may be aware the garden was open this last weekend for the and I always go through a…

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