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Two Days

Dear reader,

The warmth returns


The reflection and refraction of light through the kitchen window from the garden is of its moment
Filtered through the pines and the leafless trees
Sparkling off wet stems and evergreen foliage
It will not be the same ever again
Or at least I may not ever see it as I see it now

The garden is a paradise in this moment
The cloister garden is cloistered

This spectacle of light and of birds feeding avidly after their frozen fast
Of vapours rising from the edges of low walls
It is like an offering of incense in the temple
Offered back to the God who made it.

The Ides of March

The sun appears again
The boiling star brings some warmth today
I am able to sit in the garden and feel its warming touch
Held at the right distance away from its mantling
We continue to ferment upon the surface of the earth

The birds sing their territorial songs
Breeding ovetures
Love songs

Two red kites return over this garden whistling to one another

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