letter to Monty Don 3

Dear Monty,

I am so sorry for leaving it so long since I last wrote to you in my journal.

2 days of emptiness - my emptiness and bankruptcy. Today victory over the negative thoughts. Who knows the mind of God ?
Who has all the answers? Amen - beginning and end. End to arguments over what is right and wrong, teaching and practice, end to division, end to wars, end to hatred - my hatred, my jealousy, my selfishness. End to what I am now....what I will be God knows.

Will there be an end to gardens ? Art will fade away, research and knowledge will fade away, material things will fade away....it is all foolishness...it is all temporary. Perhaps gardens are the only things we make which speak through the foolish fog of our lives. Perhaps gardens contain a kind of wisdom - not the grand plans so much as the act of gardening- wrestling with nature,soil and plants all by the sweat of our brow.

There was a garden in the East.

Cheers Monty.


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