Letter to Monty 10

11th Day of Feb, Bright Saturday - frozen dog pee on grass, dead plants and loads of chicken shit. A beautiful day. I have a volcano of a pimple on my forehead...I am 51 not 14 ! Why is this happening ? Vanity vanity all is vanity.

Love, jealousy and Verdi is on radio 3. I am alive. Cup of tea with dog and Exodus on my lap....thinking gardens.
Monty life is life - each day is living, it has its own light and colour - even the frozen dog pee on the grass. Isn't it amazing how gardens recover from this seeming desolation, how nature always overcomes?
The now desolate coal tip with its rubbish strewn, churned up ground will also recover - there will be luxurious growth - the rosebay willow herb will again form great purple drifts. This unpromising frozen patch will become abundant. I write this to bring cheer to your heart.

Hope is enough.



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