Letter to Monty 18

Dear Monty,

As I write this short letter to you I am choked by the unpleasantness of working for the N.H.S. Which has been hamstrung by successive Governments, and their tinkering and emphasis on a business model, as though we are a factory with a product that can be measured.

Gardens, thank God for gardens, and for the changing seasons, for regrowth for hope !

People now have high expectations of what can be delivered to them, unfortunately the reality is that we are probably less efficient in terms of our humanity and compassion since the number crunchers got hold of us than when we were old fashioned and hierarchical. Boundaries worked.  Boundaries like a good hedge can define purpose. We feel safe when we have boundaries because we know what our role and purpose is, once the boundaries become indistinct then it altars our behaviour and attitude, we become unsure, and that leads to anxiety and frustration.

I have just stepped out into my garden after a stressful morning in the surgery, to breathe the spring air and readjust my own attitude before this afternoons clinic. And it works....so does writing to you.

Thank you for listening,



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