Letter to Monty 20

Dear Monty,

I am sorry to write to you so early on in the week.

Do you listen to BBC Radio 3 ? Sometimes spiritual things seem to happen when listening to classical music, and this past Sunday morning was a case in point.


Here I am in Craig y Nos, romantic setting of Adelina Patti's Castle grounds. I just wanted to write about this beautiful morning, and the humility of the radio 3 presenter Martin Handley. He introduced us to a lady called Phyl who stands in her garden to breathe in the air of peace. The music she wanted played was by Gustav Mahler...'Iam lost to the world' She recognised she needs to step out sometimes.

This is a busy world with its demands, responsibilities and pressures. This instantly reminded me of Moses who struggled with the burden of responsibility for the nation of Israel as they wandered in the desert having escaped persecution in Egypt. Moses was stressed out by the demands and complaints of the people (nothing new under the sun) So stressed was he that he wanted God to finish him off.... I sometimes feel like that, and I know others do too. We need to allow each other the time to step outside and breathe the air of peace. See how important gardens are !

To all those I cause upset to in my stressed out times I am truly sorry...but there is peace in the garden.



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