Letter to Monty 22

Dear Monty,

Strange day, started with hearing trumpets in Venice and a prophet on a donkey.

What encouraged me about the prophet was that he came not from Israel but from the Euphrates - the river of antiquity. He used sorcery (smoke and mirrors, bright lights and razzle dazzle) in order to impress his clients, but on this occasion he just couldn't do it, he just had profound words, just words.
God spoke with him. His donkey spoke with him - when he couldn't or wouldn't hear God.

The razzle dazzle gets in the way of truth sometimes.

Then off I went in my steel donkey to 'Voices of the Stones' film project run by Eleanor Flaherty. We did stop motion animation. The group became disparate, and the smoke and mirrors technology seemed to have the edge, and my anger reappeared ! It's just below the surface at the moment. I take this as a warning that I need to be careful, not to let the buzz of creativity carry me away from the reality of my life as a health care professional. Fantasy can be dangerous when in reality you have to plod - tread the earth, pound out the day and get through the grind of the 'quality and outcomes framework'......Can you believe that we are slaves to such systems ?

But when I learn to hear the voice of God in others (which takes self control) there is so much joy in it.
That voice is there in the most unexpected places sometimes.



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