Letter to Monty 23

Dear Monty,

One of my greatest weaknesses is my dislike of upsetting people, it is a crippling problem because I am becoming very good at upsetting people as I get older.

I respect the fact that you don't want to follow those that follow you on Twitter. I think most of us know you would not follow strangers because you are a private man, as are we all to some extent. I suspect that you need solitude. I need solitude, out of solitude comes creativity, and out of melancholy, love.

The garden at Longmeadow, belongs to you and Sarah, it's a private space made public at a distance. The barrier, the safety factor is the tv screen, the digital veil.

My garden is private, a breathing space as I have said before. I confess that I find it difficult when Wyn my affable next door neighbour speaks to me through the thin winter hedge ! When I am in my garden, I am away from my public persona, and can become myself unburdened by the fear of upsetting people !
You see in reality I am not a very sociable person, I am at heart a contemplator, a thinker and meditator. I deal with many people in the course of a week, and because of the nature of the job, it is difficult to remain sociable by the end of it. There are so many needy people with cares and concerns that it almost becomes unbareable in the true sense. I speak not only for myself but for anyone who works within the health or social sector.

Monty, I could be mean and say what have you got to be burdened about ? But truly we all have our burdens, and I would not deny anyone their privacy, their own thinking space, a bit of distance from the rest of us.

There is still peace in the garden.



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