Letter to Monty 27

Dear Monty,

Please forgive my ignorant misspelling of your name in previous blog posts.(I still actually believe you read this stuff...sad really)

There is always something to do in a garden, this afternoon (an April shower afternoon with warmish sunny spells) - it is planting out hardened off seedlings.
Gardening gives me a sense of purpose to life that is in itself life-enhancing. Big or small, amateur or professional, gardens have the ability to make us feel more alive.

Yes some will be more to our taste than others, but our gardens are just that, our own intimate private space. I think people who open their gardens to public scrutiny are very brave. It must be like opening up your self to scrutiny much like when an artist presents her/his work in a gallery.

I would be terrified for you to see my garden Monty, but you are welcome to come and have a cup of tea anytime.

PS if anyone would like to have a cup of tea in my garden, let me know and I'll put the kettle on, but you must not point out my faults and failures because this is my fantasy don't forget.


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