Letter to Monty 29


I am looking at a postcard of Woldgate Tree May 2006 by David Hockney, it is reminiscent of Van Gogh and early Mondrian.

Trees are such amazing life forms. People have used trees as centres for worship and have been as much a landmark and symbol of power as have standing stones. Cedars of Lebanon , Oaks of Sechem, Deborahs Palm and the trees at Mamre. Mysterious wisdom. There is no room for mystery or fable now.

I admit I have rambled too much about our increasing leaning to science as the only truth, and I would be a fool to suggest that science hasn't improved living standards beyond the dreams of many of our ancestors. Am I a fool ? (ok don't answer that ! ) but a life without faith and mystery means that the only truth is what is before our eyes.

Trees, yes trees speak to me of something mysterious...I have discovered that thinking like this means I have a medieval mind. I see nature as a reflection of the spiritual.

My garden even on 'National Gardening Week' is ordinary - it is what it is, it has no unusual features, it is not cutting edge. Perhaps I should invite an expert to come and cast a critical eye ? I have invited you Monty but with no response.

Finally, I have decided to use weeds in the garden, last autumn I saw 'milk thistles' growing on the coal tip behind us, they were beautiful, so I collected seed and now have some robust seedlings ready to plant out. The aim is to use what grows well. The strange shaped nursery bed is based on the shapes the hills make. Yes I think I am mad.

If you change your mind you are still welcome to come for tea.



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