Letter to Monty 33

Dearest Monty,

Watched the Malvern GW last night, and I am now convinced that you are a genuine bloke, and that your love of gardening is a true love.

Why is it so hard to be happy just being a quiet soul ? Step out of Twitter or Facebook or blogger and what do you see ?

I got so excited last week when James A Sinclair 'followed' me...how sad is that !?

In the real world of my Ystalyfera garden today, I redefined the path edges by cutting the grass with a pair of scissors, and have the blisters to prove it. I replaced the turf by the first pot on the 'lawn', I brought out the seedlings to harden them off. Then I just suddenly realised how fortunate I am to have a garden, I don't need to be a medal winner or horticulturally perfect, I can just marvel at new leaves in the sunshine.

I did marvel at James' hat last night.

As a card that a friend recently bought me says...'if you want to be happy forever take up gardening'.

Goodnight  Monty.


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