Letter to Monty 37

Dear Monty ,

Just a brief bank holiday ramble before the return to the real world.

Despite all of the excitement of gardens, pots and Monty Don, of butterflies and pesticides and the sun bursting out from cloud....I feel flat.

Elijah the Old Testament prophet after seeing amazing things from the hand of God, retired to sit under a shrub and said 'I've had enough !' This is the problem when exciting things happen, they are invariably followed by the mundane, and the flattening of other peoples opinions.

Oh well washing the green algae off the windows and sowing seed should anchor me, certainly returning to work and serving the public should. Even the sound of the chickens noisily laying eggs acts as an anchor. The whisper after drama that is what Elijah needed, he had seen the drama but his soul needed the intimacy of the whisper.

By the way I am coming to hear you talk about your latest book at the Hay Festival, don't worry I won't mob you.



  1. Paul, I am so sad to hear you are down, even before the return to work.

    Where is the philosophical Monty admonishment to cheer you up? Where the deep reflection on the meaning of life and lily beetles?

    Or have you caught the Monty depression?

    Imitation has to find its limits. Gnomic Utterance 2b

    1. Anne I think you maybe right perhaps I have reached the limit, but imitation? Or perhaps it is the cold after the sun that is the problem, anyway let us wait and see. Life is still there and it will be there in work too ....sigh !

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