Letter to Monty 41

Dear Monty,

 I have decided to continue writing to you about gardens and life.

This is a brief ode to Charles Hawes:

Orchids  rushes  grasses  ferns

Towers of concrete - pipes and bridges

Cathederal-like arched roofs and windows  - Victorian and modern

Mans industry

The diverted river

The estuary mouth

The curve of sand.

We talked of gardens of history of religion

We saw the sand not stopped

The legs of women

And sculpted towers.

We spoke of the vastness and diversity of life

Of things not seen

Of things felt

The earth moves like the cars

We all return to dust - but there is beauty in the living.

We have to keep moving.



  1. Small in stature
    Big in heart
    Flight of foot
    Sore of feet
    Sharp of wit
    Quick to smile
    Some may call him Cautious
    I call him Lord of Ystradgynlais

    1. Yes this made me smile, I am sitting here smiling with sore feet! Thank you Charles.


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