Letter to Monty - the garden sleeps as I sleep

Dear Monty,

Three 'poems'


Let us pray

Let us Judge

Let us kill with the 'moral' high ground

Let us fire rockets

Target individuals

Let us defend the faith with swords

Jealousy consumes me

How foolish I am.


The toil of the soil

Writing books while gardens sleep

While I sleep

Sustainable energy ?

The turbines stand motionless - yet more appear on the hills

The waterfalls pound down the valley

Once turning mill wheels and looms

Wood burned.

We then dug coal

Hollowed out mountains

Then came welfare and unemployment

Are we too many with too much ?

I always want more.

'Ah how fleeting

Ah how futile'


There will be another river which flows from a new valley

There will be trees in this garden

With leaves for healing

And fruit

And in the river will be

Fishes in abundance.



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