Letter to Monty on Still Life

Dear Monty,

Life among the dry things became the title of our evening around shells and stones.

There are many dry things in our lives - dry bones - the shells of past experiences, love, passion and playfulness all turned to stone. But there in the midst of all the dryness is a bulb bursting into life - with curve and curl of green.

Even the dry quartz pebble riddled with iron veins comes to life like flesh when moistened.

Here is a metaphor for our own existence - in a simple gathering of artists. We came to this still life dry, but were revived by water, word and laughter.

The simple and beautiful things are often the most valuable. I think that Andrew Graham-Dixon's summing up of Lombardy on BBC2 last night was incorrect - in the sense that the riches of the region are not found in Gucci or even the amazing architecture and modernity, but in the polenta and the rustic casserole. The greatness was in the produce, and the pearl of great price is the simplicity and love of good honest things.

Monty, I loved the photograph of Longmeadow in snow, here is my snowy oasis, the first a Ivon Hitchens - like view from the kitchen. Snow brings a monochrome view of the garden which helps accentuate the structure and gives a clearer idea of how well or otherwise the sculpting is working out.

Here is to the Spring.



  1. You're right about Lombardy Paul. A G-D doesn't convince me at all having lived in Italy for about 10 years. Roll on spring.

    1. In truth I envy you. I would love to live more of a simple but rich life here, perhaps that is something worth striving for.


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