Letter to Monty on the end of the gloom and the beginning of restoration


I listen to a secular cantata by J.S. Bach on chasing away the gloom. I had no idea gloom can belong to both the secular and religious world !

I note too that there has been another book written in denial of  God, unfortunately for the writer no amount of denial can thwart God consciousness in mankind.

What other animal can make such grand plans for the future ? What other animal is so aware of its impact on the earth ? What other animal tries to solve the mysteries of its own existence? What other animal wants to understand the workings and cravings of its own flesh ?

Unfortunately we are never going to be able to stop asking questions of ourselves because there is the seed of eternity planted in each of us which makes us unique among the creatures of the earth. It is a seed which will always take us beyond our biological existence.

Restoration - a beautiful word. I have been restored by walking in the limestone hills near Penwyllt and Craig-y-Nos. I am moved almost to tears by the beauty of what I see. Some of it sculpted by nature some of it by man. The colours in just the bark of the parkland pines and the moss covered dry stone walls makes me want to stop and paint.

I hope to God that I can retire early and paint, paint, draw and paint.



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