Letter about Egypt

Dear Monty,

Time marches backwards, it is in a state of flux with your garden looking warm while today it is cold. All this is due to filming schedules.

Time is a strange concept, this week we saw photographs of the beginning of the universe, taken now but looking back over unfathomable units of time.

Words transcend time.

I watched  'Life and Death in the the valley of the Kings' with Joann Fletcher last night.

Egyptians lived in terraced houses with plastered walls painted with images. They had pots and jars containing oils, perfumes and eye-liner. They had cold storage and built-in ovens.

There was a huge grain store which reminded me of the ones described in the Bible built under the guidance of Joseph during the good years before the famine.

There were papyrus illustrations of eroticism which reminded me of Potiphars' wife and her longing to bed Joseph.

Here on my Egyptian bed - my sarcophagus - I lay embalmed with oil lamp and the alabaster jar of spikenard.

Egypt was good for Joseph and the Nation of Israel. Through their experiences there both good and bad they grew towards an understanding of God.

I read of the exasperation of Christ with the loss of that understanding, and wonder if in my generation that is the case too. Perhaps in the end it is as simple as the stars.

The garden is held back by cold soil and cold wind, time again stands still.

Sorry about the legs.



  1. Today, Paul, I read of Christ's humility, in his last hours.
    We in this world assume the last hours will never come or there'll be firecrackers and a celebratory picnic.
    I hope when my own time comes, I'm able to give up all that is contrary to being able to live in the next world, the world higher than this one, though, knowing me, that process of giving up will be painful.
    God bless you mate, and your garden, especially now, at Easter.

    1. Same here Faisal, giving up is always painful. God bless you too.


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