Sunday, 10 March 2013

Letter about painting and the garden

Dear Monty,

There are great artists who never really shouted about their art, but just got on and made it because they had a love and passion for making it. Winifred Nicholson was one of those artists. I love her sense of composition, light and colour. She is one of my all time favourite painters. When I visit the Nat. Museum of Wales in Cardiff, I make a pilgrimage to visit one of her paintings in the flesh. I stand before it and feel the breeze and the energy of the water. I admire her obvious ability to transmit life and energy through paint into my heart.

One of my treasured possessions is this book by Christopher Andreae.

I cannot paint like that, but I strive to capture something of the energy of life to this day. I have not given up yet.

I am attempting a second portrait of an artist, it is in the early raw stages of watercolour directly painted on a rough plaster surface. It has yet to be resolved, but it is to do with the person, the life within.

I am glad that anyone can enjoy this and can explore their world in this way. Just like making a garden, there are underlying skills to learn, but once those are grasped then anything is possible.


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