Letter about Transfiguration

Dear Monty,

I have started a new series of paintings to prepare for the Orchid Festival later in the year at : www.gardenofwales.org.uk


The transformation of caterpillar to butterfly remains one of the few remaining mysteries of life.

Today I read about transfiguration, and realise that this process happens in front of our eyes and sometimes we hardly even notice.

The garden was transfigured, a veil of rain lit by the sun - behind which were the muted early buds of Spring.
A watercolour of reds, pale yellows, rusts and greens, with birds - pigeon, robin, blackbird and bullfinch all moving through the veil of light.

The value of transfiguration is in its fleeting nature, it is all the more powerful and beautiful for it.

The Kingdom is here in the call of crow and the sudden light of showers.


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