After Vermeer, The Potteries, Thar she glows.

Dear Monty,

After Vermeer

All I do is paint
Butterflies bees and orchids.
I lived out the development of 20th Century art in 4 years
Wrote on walls
Made installations and films
Then 30 years in the wilderness
Doddering towards the curtains.

The Potteries

What an extraordinary looking man is A.N.Wilson
And what an exceptional pedigree
But even I can chase stars
I can see the pines
And the God of heaven
Whose stormy wind hits the house
Bending trees
Making the street lights flicker like distant galaxies.
Bombs no longer break me as they did in the 70's
The fear has gone
Replaced by a weariness towards our insaitable appetite for conflict.

'Thar she glows !'

The return of the light

The disciples didn't know at the time the significance of what they said and did
The colts foal
The hero of Jerusalem
The washing of feet with perfume, hair, tears
The rolling back of the stone
The life of Lazarus
The kiss of betrayal
The bread
Flesh Blood Bone
Boiled fish.

Their heads must have spun
The universe spun
Darkness fell

She supposed he was the gardener
Who do I suppose he is ?
Madman Fool Psychotic
Should I think such thoughts ?
The Jews did
And we are like the Jews
Or should be.
Son of God ?
How can that be ?

To question is to turn to dust
That which was dust
I am dust

Like the Emperor's new clothes
If we cannot ask questions
Struggle and dig
It all becomes a folk-tale
We fear becoming disloyal.

What if we are poor, naked, wretched, blind ?
Weakness is strength
A rock
We are established in the death of Christ
In his death - yes his death
The Spirit of God is like a pearl

He is
I am


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