Essential nourishment

Dear Monty,

Like the weather, which I understand you have at the command of your fingertips, I have been feeling a little bleak recently.

It is the eruptions of anger which catch me out, they indicate all is not well within.

I am angry at my lack of self control. Looking at Rembrandt's self portraits on The High Art of the low Countries, Andrew G-Dixon posited that we don't really know ourselves at all. We can indeed be happy, cruel, sad, helpful, unhelpful, selfish, selfless - depending on our state of heart and mind.

To have a garden is a blessing.

Here is what Derek Jarman says about this strange thing called life :

"Fools sing life in an empty song
quickly lost in the wind,
How wrong.
Though the watch-spring breaks,
the batteries dry on the digits,
the sands of time never run dry:
they defy dread death.
I stand with my camera,
the film unwinding.
Is there nothing but mortality ?
The rushes are quickly over,
I'm there with a second chance.
Time leaks
as the twelve apostles dance."

'Is there nothing but mortality ?' - The great question. Unique to us this pondering of death.
No, there is more - and the earth bares witness to it; even here as life returns to the bare soil.

'Do not work for food that spoils,
but for food that endures to eternal life'



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