Walking and talking

Dear Monty,

Believing is seeing.
The light flickered
The garden - oriental

Why trudge the same path six times a day ?
With each journey something new appears
I am surprised by plants that seem to creep forward
Reluctant to stay in the borders.

A new path - Manorbier to Bosherston.

We curved around the contours and felt the land through our boots

We gasped at the precipices
The jewelled ocean sparkling in between
Red and tea green marls.

We heard chough
And saw jackdaws pull wool from sheep for nests

Tolkien Pinnacle
The Cathedral
Names made up on the spot

The sun followed us
Lit up the path
Turned sand to gold

'Can two walk together unless they be agreed ?'

We agreed that the truth can be painful
Like a blistered toe on a tired foot

The rocks tell the truth
Age upon age
Uplifted, twisted, pressed upon
Turned over
Ancient beyond memory

Before we were
He is
Not dressed up
No falsehood
Mad with truth

Truth exposes me
Like these layers once hidden
Oh that we could be truthful without hurt.

Paul with thanks to Charles Hawes.


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