In memorium


What will we leave behind ?

Gardens change, paintings fade, words remain.

I have discovered that apart from Sir Harry Secombe, the recently retired Archbishop of Canterbury - poet, philosopher and intellectual - Rowan Williams went to my old school. Perhaps I should wear the old school tie?

I have continued to be subversive, and am painting more native orchids and butterflies as miniature fresco's.

I am thinking of applying to enter the Monmouth Show and to put up a stall there with these and other paintings. My son-in-- law will be there with his Longhorns, which I have also painted.

I so want to gain some time back for painting, and would like to retire from the nursing profession ...It is a fantasy of mine to be able to earn enough from painting to get us by.

So I came out of the rain and the cold garden to paint a Comma which I saw fleetingly in the sun and warmth of last week !



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