Bearing the image of the heavenly

Dear Monty,


I cannot gaze
Like those eyes
Into eyes

Seeing beyond the surface
Stars, pools, lights reflecting back.

I struggle to see at all
Vision blurred by unbelief
How did it come to this ?

Unlike St Paul
Darkness blinds me

I search for the light
I blunder towards it.


I look at dog sleeping
I see that he is dog
No more
No less

Dog does not strive to be different
Does not have to be anything other than himself
Dog is dog is dog

He bears the image of the heavenly.

False Moon

Hub cap of former wheel
Rusting in hemp agrimony
Bracken and teasel

A car graveyard
Now turned green and purple
Gives up its treasure

A moon on the apple tree.


I agree
That gardens can be a sanctuary

Voices of sheep, robin and crow
Mix in my semi sleep

I awake to possibility
In this cool pool of morning.



  1. You know I'm not sure about dogs. Is that the face of indifference? Something that is just being itself, without concerns about the other? No, I don't think so.

  2. Thanks Paul. Compact words can say alot.

    1. Sometimes I say too much. Thank you for your encouragement.


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