Masks and the evolution of man

Dear Monty,

2 'poems' for you.


Full moon orb'd silver
Through trees
Glowed in his cheek

Eyes reflected back the garden
The universe spun
Around his head
His hat
His hair

With one dark eye
He drank tea
At the lamp lit table

No potato eaters here
Only crows feathers
For her mask

His mask begun to crack at the door
As the street lights sparked
In the night air.


The evolution of man  ( when do we get a backbone ?)

What strange creatures we are
Calling women sluts
And raping children

We slithered as fish from the teeming waters
The earth was without form and void
Until we ruled over all creatures
Even ourselves

We tamed wolves
And made suns to melt flesh
We poisoned our food
And multiplied over the face of the earth

Our greatest creations were money and democracy
The rich consuming the poor

What heights men fly at
Higher than the feathered dinosaurs.



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