Light and momentary troubles

Dear Monty,

The recent rumblings in the social media networks about GW are probably justified in that it is the only mainstream gardening programme available to those people that still watch a television.

Technology is moving faster than I care to these days, so I still enjoy the slower pace of such programmes on t.v. Even if occasionally it sends me to sleep.

'Real' gardeners don't watch GW I am reliably informed, so that confirms my suspicion that I am only a gardener in my fantasy life.

Here are a few pictures of my garden that I do not garden, taken yesterday in high winds with our ugly house in the background.

There is a lot wrong with it, too much grass/weeds now that it has lost the overarching branches of the Pine. It needs reshaping and reforming, this is all part of the enjoyment for me, like making a painting...

I am beginning to feel better, my mind no longer in a negative spin, the emotions balanced.



  1. Hmm. So why do you think the "rumblings" might be justified?Monty might like to know your views.

    1. I think it needs more visits to other gardens of different flavour and style, we do seem to have a lot of Longmeadow and Glebe Cottage. It is also true that these days you can pick up gardening tips from a multitude sources


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