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Dear Monty,

It seems that whatever cause we believe in there are many more convinced that what we believe in is wrong.
This right and wrong, this tension is just a part of what it is to be human. Was the past better than the present ? And will the future be different ? Well it seems that we remain the same, our basic instincts, moods and emotions remain unchanged, even if the context changes.

I will miss your presence on Twitter. I think we should all have a voice and Twitter allows for that even if it does open us up to critics.

I have been painting and drawing a lot recently due to having sick leave. I haven't done so much work since my time at Artspace Portsmouth. I miss being a full-time artist.

I want to confess that I was wrong about conceptual art in a previous post. Why do I say that ? I suggested that the idea being the main thing was somehow the antithesis to beauty. Having watched Tracey Emin discuss the work of Louise Bourgeois and her exploration through drawing, painting, writing and sculpture of life with its tensions and fears, completely changed my mind. Her work was beautiful, the beauty was in her seeming ferociousness and vulnerability.

I realise that being partisan to one version of 'beautiful' art I am negating the validity of the whole range of human experience. I was moved by her last series of drawings/prints about her journey into death.
Her integrity was her light.



  1. A joy to have any discussion of beauty. It has been so totally unmentionable. I have felt rather foolish, but compelled to pursue it in making the garden.

    1. Anne, thank you for this comment. Beauty as and end in itself seems to be an unfashionable goal in art. Of course there are many interpretations of what constitutes beauty. I have discovered that an expression of our ideas can be beautiful without trying to create beauty as the end product. Does that make sense ? It is the process that is important.


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