A pin hole (saving Farm Terrace)

Dear Monty,

A pin hole is hardly noticeable in the everyday rush of our lives, but even a pinhole of light if detected can begin to open up our minds to something far greater.

Sara Jane Trebar and her battle to save Farm Terrace Allotments  www.farmterrace.btck.co.uk  is for me one such speck of light in an ever darker world.

The trouble is how many people see the universe in that speck ?

What makes humans healthy ? Is it all about a man made system heavily reliant on consuming  more resources, or is it to do with what nourishes the soul as well as the body ?
If you want to follow researched and validated information on health promotion then there is plenty of evidence out there for what makes us healthy. If our motives are truly about wanting to promote health and prevent (as far as is possible) ill health and so reduce the burden on the NHS, how does building over allotments contribute to that ?

The air that we all breathe requires nature and green space, and by that I mean places that are not over managed or planned municipal green space (which also consumes resources in order to maintain it ).

The problem is a 'worldly' view of health, one which is linked to business and commercialism, health is not just found there, health is about so much more; it is about being linked to the elemental. We are organic creatures, but always seem to forget that. We are not separate to the organic living earth we are intrinsically part of it, but our lives are being severed from the light of that truth more and more.

I walked the woods this morning and on the way noticed how much rubbish had been thrown out of car windows onto the verge of the road leading to the woods, this is a small example of our sickness. Our separation from the earth and our care for it is our greatest disease.

I know that in power terms in society I am a nobody, but I am a living breathing creature with a short time upon the earth who tries to keep in touch with the light. I have been a Registered Nurse for 27 years and have diplomas and a degree, and have researched health and health needs as part of a diploma in Community Health Studies, but none of that matters. I have seen what really matters to us when I have cared for people at the end of their life, a journey which we all take, and what matters has nothing to do with the material and everything to do with relationships and what we think of as 'ephemeral' It has everything to do with what it was to be truly alive.

Veg plots may not seem important in the context of all the needs of human beings in this world, and although I have never met the tenants of Farm Terrace, I would imagine that they all experience real health benefits - not just in terms of the food produced (free of added sugars, salt, preservatives etc. ) but in terms of being in touch with nature and each other.

When oh when will we wake up ?



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