The light and shade of our days

Dear Monty,

Today is a bright and beautiful day. On this day we all have our mood lifted by the sun, by the sharpness of contrast between light and shade. I walked around the garden just letting time melt into the now of the moment.

I have been watching the 'Great British Garden Revival' and although I have enjoyed the series so far, and have been reminded that many of the aspects/styles of gardens shown have a merit of their own, it seems to me the thing missing is the role that gardens have in easing the troubled mind.

Light and shade is almost a mirror of our mood. In other words the natural organic world reflects what goes on inside us. What more proof do we need that we are so intricately linked to the whole living planet ? I have dark and shady anxious negative thoughts, which are displaced by the light of the eternal moment.

We took dog for a walk in Craig y Nos Country Park enjoying more of the light, letting it cast out doubts as we walked.

After a coffee and welsh cake, we returned home to the coal tip. The light remains with us, it is a light we can carry into the shade of tomorrow.


All these blurry photos were taken on an old Xperia phone.


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