Understanding the fleeting shadows

Dear Monty,

I don't know how to describe the garden in this season of fleeting shadows. It is full of potential, the fuse of Spring is lit.

I remember looking at a Ceri Richards painting in the Glynn Vivian art gallery in Swansea as a young man and not understanding the meaning of its imagery, but recognising the forms of morphing plants and animals.
Later in my early adulthood I understood its sexual significance.

The years take their toll on our sexual selves. We are creatures that live in the mind as well as the body - we are aware of so much more than just our bodies. We have a mind that roams further than the edge of the garden.

Life can be so painfully clear sometimes, laid bare in the sharp light of a frosty morning.

My destiny is the grave, it is not a kind of doom but it can appear to be so from this side of death.

Here we are trying to find out what  happened after the big bang - where did we come from - why did we happen ?
I am not sure what answering such questions will gain us in terms of our humanity, frailty and vulnerability.
We are moving rapidly away from the 'myth' of God to the 'truth' of science accelerating all the time, much like the particles did after the bang, yet we become no better as a species in dealing with one another or this planet we live on.

What if we prove it is all just chance - what difference will it make ? If we succeed in destroying faith what will it gain us ? We will always find ways of hating one another, because we all have our own mind, will and volition. The universe will become a void and we will have no soul.

If we do not care about such things as soul or spirit, then why do we need to prove that we are but dust and atoms, brief shadows in time ?




  1. Hey Paul. I don't for a moment believe the scientific outlook. It's just the thing that predominates. God always has been, always is and always will be. Whatever stupidity, popularism, mindsets mankind gets up to, everything is under God's command, whether that is recognised or not.

    1. Faisal, always good to hear from you. I like to throw out my thoughts into the ether! Perhaps God is the author of science?

  2. some of us find our myth and our truth in both God and science. Creator of the earth.

    1. Diana, sometimes I feel that only science is proposed as the ultimate truth, but theory is also a kind of myth. I stubbornly hold on to faith and mystery- fool that I am !


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