Review of the coal tip garden on this wet and cold morning

Dear Monty,

There has been a great discussion on as a result of an interview with John Sales by Anne Wareham on the subject of design. It is worth having a look at. I was heartened that even though I'm an amateur garden maker like yourself Monty, that we too can be capable of bringing forth a design out of the ground with the aid of nature and an eye and a respect for our place within this paradise.

I admit to my ignorance and pretension to grandeur, but like so many of us I just love the grounding and the joy and frustration that this 'slow ballet' or 'slow sculpture' of growing, pruning and cutting, 'success' and 'failure' affords.

Instant gardens do not really exist, they are just brief fleeting moments of perfection.

For what it's worth here is a quick tour of my embarrassing garden on this cold wet day in May. (all photos taken on Sony Xperia)

If you don't like pink look away now

The euphorbia polychroma is a little bit of Kentchurch
This isn't chocolate soldier is it Tristan ?

Another Kentchurch plant settling in
New terracotta pots at last, will need to save for a few more.

A mini Veddw tribute (but not as sharp - yet)

That is the garden as it is now Monty. 


  1. No comments!!! Shame! Love to be there together with Tristan - sweet. Hope the summer blessed it.

  2. Very blessed Anne - thank you xx


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