Weeds and weeping

Dear Monty,

23/8/14  Like a spoilt child; my mood was unbendingly fractious.
The root was selfishness - a hard weed to grub out - even if you tug - it snaps and regrows.

24/8/14  Inwardly I wept - deep sighing sobs for the simple beauty of glistening blue hydrangea florets randomly growing through the blue-green leaves of the hypericum, a blending not of conscious will but a small miracle of early light and dew, and a lack of pruning.

I like the slightly indistinct photos that my phone produces, but this does not capture the blue I was speaking of.

I am leaning towards blending rather than creating specimens in trophy cabinets, and anyway the garden seems to lend itself to this, just like the coal tip above.

Blending may seem on first glance to be a dangerous strategy - the distinctiveness of the plant lost, and indeed the risk of etiolation and the weakening of the plant making it more vulnerable to disease.
But 'It ain't necessarily so' as the song rightly says.

This song on this morning was made up of individual voices harmonising - and don't we need some harmony in our lives at this time ? I'm not talking saccharine global branding (remember the coke advert ?), but a blending of differences - avoiding violent clashes. Perhaps this is impossible in human relationships - but with plants like with the Creator - all things are possible.

I wept because such beauty is still possible in a largely ugly world created by us and our prejudices. How can I enjoy this when others have just dust and ashes ?

The struggle I have and maybe you have too - is to keep and treasure such beauty in our hearts. A fleeting moment perhaps - but a window onto greater possibilities.



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