Diminishing returns with supper

Dear Monty,

I have heard you quote 'the law of diminishing returns' as a way of justifying the cutting back of flowering plants. I have been thinking about this and see that diminishing also applies to me as a human being and also to the change of the season from summer to autumn and on into winter.

I diminish
I grow older
The sun sinks lower
Autumn comes



Around a table we discuss beauty
We see each other as we are
We decide we do not know how to define it
But there are common threads
To do with balance - harmony - form - structure

Indian summer
Winter longs to break in
Bone showing through the thinning skin of the year

I hope not to appear foolish
Beauty - lust - hedges - towers
Life in all its tumult

Art is a reflection of living
It tries to make sense of the senseless

That is what makes it beautiful


With thanks to Anne Wareham and Charles Hawes  veddw.com  and Lucy Masters the master organiser.


  1. super post and super pics. I like your new poetry approach!

    1. Thank you Charles - not sure about the poetry - used to write a lot in my young and passionate days. The pics are with an ebay purchase of a used G15 -still trying it out.

  2. I like this musing poetic "report" on the dinner discussion. The images speak.

    1. Thank you James - especially the comment about the images speaking.

  3. I love "other people's pictures" of a garden. Mine and others'; somehow I learnt more about Veddw from these pictures than I have in a long time. Stunning. And I'm sure the wine was good too! ;) Jack

    1. Thank you! The wine came later - the cake and conversation came first - it was a memorable day.

  4. How did I miss this? Great record of a great day - so good to have you there. Xxx

  5. No I didn't miss it - I just didn't comment. (shamed)


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