Dear Monty,

I had a good weekend at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. The gardens are like a lung, there is an exchange of gases that takes place. Stress and weariness exchanged for rest and reflection.

The Orchid Festival 

Orchid scent and flowery people

The gardens misted in an early Autumn cloak

Quiet of butterflies.

I did not sell any paintings - but I met some fascinating people with stories to tell both mystic and mundane, all had a love of nature, of plants and of art. Ideas were exchanged and contacts made.

Polly O'Leary pollyoleary.co.uk displayed beautiful original watercolours of botanical art.(I'm now a happy custodian of one of them)

I feel excited - there are new ideas for my garden and artwork - all this a result of meeting new people and keeping in touch with good friends - of debating and discussing - of laughter and sorrow.



  1. Don't understand why you didn't sell paintings. Charging too little maybe? xx

  2. Probably right - but I have no heart for art as commodity - I know - I'm a fool - a dreamer! X


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