Neglect - the truth is I've been fixing the kitchen

Dear Monty,

Sad to see the farewell from Longmeadow, its nice to get outside in someones garden - even if virtually but I suspect that you don't want to show us bare trees and bones.

I've been enslaved indoors fixing the kitchen - a task that I have been putting off for some time mainly due to my poor carpentry skills.

The garden has been neglected, as well my paintings.

So here are a few photographs of a neglected garden - the truth is it is a mess - but even mess can be beautiful.

I'm sorry to show these pictures - must be getting boring now.



  1. Like the pictures! One day I'll manage to get on your blog list too and then I'll be really excited!!!! XXXX

    1. Well funny you should say that - there are many more blogs that I read than are listed - I've tried adding and have failed - I feel a bit guilty about it - so must put it right!


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