Another visitation

Dear Monty,

Three male bullfinch
Pink breasted John Bulls
Scissoring early buds off honeysuckle stems
Like the visitation of an idea.

Weakness is strength
Let us not be wholly reliant on our own capabilities

The fields are closed in by rail and road
The sheep penned
The cattle slaughtered

Where will I meet my end?
I am a child
Eyes reflecting the sky brightly

The hills are dumb
The car an intrusion
Field, track and trees cut through with roads

The birds eke out a living
The church stands impotent now in its flat lands

Where is the Kingdom -
Is it in the remnants of a past life
A slower pace
Where we may glimpse it ?

No - it lives in the child I am
'Let us encourage one another; all the more as we see the day approaching.'



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