Wet garden and warm studio

Dear Monty,

Today is wet. We walked a wet walk through Craig-y-Nos country park this morning with a wet whippet. The studio converts to a drying room on such occasions. It is a room of small dimensions and is used as a storage area and a coat and boot drying room as well as a place for me to be creatively untidy. It is the second lightest room in the house - even on dull days. I have filled it with fading memories, they literally fade in the sunlight - they disappear as I disappear.

Wet room
Me as a chicken

Baby me and in the Mayor's office Concord NH
Not sure who she was but she is beautiful
Climbed this with many many others
Cat on a welsh blanket - our Pip
Old work
Young me
Big hats
Too wet for doing any work in the garden - I decided instead to start the process of making a new framed fresco which will be garden related. I am slightly nervous about this but nothing is gained by procrastination - so here it goes. It will be based on a photograph and memories of my last visit to The Veddw. It may take some time and a lot of struggles as I have not painted frescoes of a garden before, only a miniature canvas of Dyffryn Fernant.

Looking forward to the process.



  1. Hello, just found your blog and was drawn to you as a chicken and look forward to your fresco. Is that plaster poured in?

    1. Hello! Thank you for passing by - yes it is poured plaster cast on glass and drawn on with pencil and water based pigments before fully dry - then scratched and carved into before more pigments added. I am a chicken!

  2. I think the chicken's legs are too long. Looking forward to seeing the Fresco develop! do Tweet progress.

    1. Yes they are a bit big - I wasn't going for representation more of a chickeny look - done from memory!


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