Dear Monty,

Longmeadow looked colourful in GW last night.

Perhaps I dreamt it, but I thought you mentioned the June Gap. Should this make me rush out and buy colourful flowering plants to fill in this lull of colour in my garden (other than greens and plumbs, yellows and blues, purples, oranges and reds in foliage) or just celebrate the gap ?

This life is so full of noise - sometimes colour can be noisy. I found great refreshing in the concept of finding gardens everywhere, they can be found in nature as demonstrated by the garden in Windermere shown on GW recently, and found in the landscape of the Lake District itself.

I even found beauty this very morning in the damp Diamond Park, a restored former coal tip on the other side of this valley.
I believe we can over stuff our spaces, and then they begin to loose their sense of rest. Gaps in florifluousness occur naturally, there are subtle seasons and in the subtlety is beauty.

I do admit that I panicked a little when the aquilegia began to run to seed here in the coal-tip garden, as they were providing a sudden burst of contrast, but now the greens and buds of other plants due to flower soon provide promise of another flourish and I calm down. Does this mean that I should not enjoy the lull - that I should be ashamed of it in some way or provide excuses for not filling it up ?

No, I do not mind the gap.



  1. Well said re need for some restfulness.Your doubts are, of course, the old Paul self doubt popping up again.

    June gap- what gap.. old fashioned nonsense. XXxxx

    1. I'll always suffer from self doubt publicly - privately I sometimes think I'm a genius ! x

  2. Looking good - no great


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