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Dear Monty,

It is the morning after the night before -I look out of the kitchen window onto the garden with mug of tea in hand. A drizzle morning - humid and no overnight thunderstorms. The forecast said sunshine.

It sometimes strikes me as odd (but then I am odd) that when I watch GW it is almost as if there is a parallel universe or a delayed signal between the universe at Longmeadow and here in Ystalyfera.

What do I mean by this ? It's a struggle to explain it in words but I was looking at the garden here last evening and I was deeply satisfied by the emergence of different yellows only to find later that right at the very end of the GW broadcast you moved through the yellows of the dry garden. I also spotted parallel plants - some of which I confess to not knowing the names of (apart from mullein). It cheers me to see that gardeners recognise beauty in similar combinations.

I confess it is a thrill because I have no real plant knowledge - this garden seems to grow itself and I just fiddle and edit the results.

I found this weed growing in the tangle of unkempt grass and weeds at the front of the house and dug it up for its stunning but small magenta flowers. I put it in the washing line border and it is beautiful in combination with the quaking grass, sage and alchemilla mollis especially in the evening when back lit. It's called balm-leaved figwort - according to my 1983 edition of Wild Flowers of Britain it is rare and at that time only found in Cornwall and Lundy Island ! Well it's now found in Ystalyfera. It is the bounty of nature.

I also planted some birds foot trefoil in the long grass boat-shaped border last year and it has matured and has grown tall among the grasses with multiple flower heads of pea-like yellow flowers to almost orange clusters with a blue-green foliage.

This is my universe.



  1. Enjoyed the visit today, and your "philosophy" on gardening. Jack

    1. Jack, it was remiss of me not to have replied to your comment - thank you for it - I am a head in the clouds type who does not always use this medium as it should be ! Please do visit again.


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