Trying to forget the fires

Dear Monty,

Arson in the hills again. This weekend has brought fire and upset for our neighbours for the second time in a couple of months. I look to the positive things of life - the life affirming things. What is so sad is that eyes do not seem open to the beauty of this valley and its re-wilding after a long period of industrialisation and all the hope that is contained therein.

Hope in making gardens?

Making paintings ?

Being inspired ?

I still have hope



  1. Our mountain burnt in March. Winter rain is bringing us bulbs and the protea bushes are sprouting from the roots.
    The Cape Point fire was the proverbial textbook lightning strike. But sadly forensic investigation shows arson for the other sites.

    1. As much as man tries to destroy - nature wins out in the end - it has to regenerate.


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