Where does peace reside ?

Dear Monty,

Why do so many of us find peace within our gardens ? Does peace reside there or in our heads ?

Is there something within us human beings which responds to the natural biological world outside of knowledge? A kind of chord - a note - a harmonic, like a faint memory of something ancient and beyond words.

Yesterday there was a kind of dance going on, a ballet of movement and light.
A red admiral swirled in and out of the hydrangea flowers. Hover flies of different sizes and colours performed a zig zag tango tussle over the large umbels of the purple stemmed giant hogweed.

I was sitting on the red terrace looking across the garden toward the poplar tree growing in the valley below us. The poplar has a unique dance of its own - the leaves shimmer almost in slow motion - quite unlike any of the surrounding native trees.

The red terrace

I am content - even in this strange garden with all of its poor horticulture and disease problems.

Peace despite noise - a song within.

4th Pembrokeshire 'garden' tortoiseshell and red campion



  1. Yes. And I love the movement of the poplar. Had to remove one here and so wish it hadn't been necessary (to save our neighbour's drains!). Reduces blood pressure watching it, I bet. XXx

    1. Poplar! Blinking spelling fail - argh I'm blind to words sometimes - but then I'm an amateur - yes they do dance x

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Now come on Paul. You know peace is everywhere, just waiting for you to grasp it. Your garden, your mind, your heart, your kitchen, someone you meet in the street, the air. Sometimes just go anywhere. Stand or sit and close your eyes. Whatever the noise around you it can be peaceful, simply because you pause your own life for a bit of a chat with someone who'll always be listening to you. And as the noise around subsides, it's a wonderful feeling. Don't tell A&C but Veddw is one of the places where I can do that easily, especially if it's raining! My own garden is, for some reason, not one of those places, perhaps because I notice a weed every time I stand in it.

  3. You are right John - just learn to love weeds now!

  4. Thank you to all who didn't point out the spelling mistake - I did write this blog in the early hours - despite the time posted being 15.30 according to blogger ! That's my excuse anyway (dies of embarrassment)

  5. I must appreciate the way you have expressed your feelings through your blog!
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  6. I must appreciate the way you have expressed your feelings through your blog!
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