A new perspective

Dear Montague,

In pursuit of a new perspective of my coal-tip garden, I pruned the washing line in error. Nevertheless I have placed a chair in the gap and I think that this is the best Autumnal viewpoint for the garden.

Sue took the news well.

New perspectives are what keep me alive. Can you imagine how tedious and empty life would be without them. Verging on the sleep of the dead this morning I struggled with the idea of worship. Yesterday I felt the incredible vastness and awe of the pillar of truth. There was a pillar erected by Jacob after he had rested his head upon the stone and then saw a vision of a ladder reaching to heaven. This stone could have been worshipped but it was erected to mark heaven touching earth.

In a garden or in the landscape I still feel this heaven - earth connection. Yesterday a dragonfly rested on my arm as I sat in the sun with a cup of tea. I was able to marvel at its intricacy and was humbled by being its perch. That was a connecting moment for me. This morning in Craig-y-Nos (or craggy horse as we call it ) - I marvelled at the shining copper of the turning copper beech leaves.

God is anathema to most these days because science proves that he never existed apart from in the minds of men. But even if that is where he exists then surely he exists in those who see beyond acquired knowledge. Christ pointed to all that is of any worth in life - love, forgiveness and an appreciation of what we live in and upon.

Sorry for the sermon and I hope it does not stop you from taking a new perspective.



  1. I bought an armchair and now sit in a new place with a new view of the garden. Amazed that that is possible after all these years. So I'm enjoying a new perspective too.Xxxx


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