Thursday, 24 December 2015

Putting doG back in Christmas

Dear Monty,

The dog rests after his walk
His paws washed
Still smell earthy.

He curls foetal
Feet under his nose
Smelling the earth he came from.

It brings a kind of comfort
A memory of the walk
In the garden of a one-time Eden.

Birches white barked and purple topped
Bright sun between the clouds
Which brought so much rain.

He dreams of rabbits and squirrels and chasing sticks
He drifts into deep sleep
Limbs relax.

He twitches and quietly barks
As an orchestra plays mellow music
Plucked mysteriously from the air.

When I smell the earth
It smells of God
It is where I belong.

I am the elements
The rain
The river
The light made manifest.

My flesh is a hindrance
And all that men reach for
To make themselves holy.

Why do we forget where we came from?
Why is humility so hard to grasp
While in the land of the living ?

I am alive when I smell the earth
Out of death comes life
Rich and full of potential.

Nadolig Llawen


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christ mass

Dear Monty,

As far as I can tell - there was no celebration of the birth of Christ (Messiah) by the early church. This celebration was created in order to coincide with pagan festivals and has now become a sanitised version of who this Christ was.

He was born into dangerous times of occupation - of political unrest in the Middle East.
A time of expectation, of acts of terror and of dumbing down God.

There were factions that were trying to undermine the rule of Rome and there were the local Temple leaders who were actively suppressing revolt.

This Christ didn't take sides in this man made struggle. Instead he said that we were all at fault, all corrupt, all in need of something new.
There was no difference between the religious and the irreligious - all had missed the point and could not and indeed still cannot solve such issues by political or moral means.

Here we are still trying to solve these issues - still applying the same formula - wielding the sword and standing on what we believe to be the high moral ground.

Swords beget swords and death is the only victor - devouring the religious and the irreligious alike.

I am feeling uncomfortable in my western skin - life built upon ideals which I believed. And yet beneath it all is a thread of corruption and manipulation by the controllers of wealth and power.

Wars are inevitable - we are incapable of existing without judging one another, each philosophy claims the high ground - Christ says - give way.

I deserve nothing - we come into the world with nothing and can take nothing with us. But we have the opportunity to leave a legacy of humility, love, kindness, gentleness and self control. I continue to wrestle with myself in order to leave such a legacy.