Dancing with the chickens and walking with ladies

Dear Monty,

This Spring weekend was not what was forecast. Instead of cold wind and rain - warm sunshine and hope in the veins - enough hope for this day - as this day counts as do all days.

We walked a part of the hills that we have not walked in our 20 years here, with the staff and friends of our local GP surgery and their dogs. A walk for health organised by Gail Edwards.

The familiar valley and surrounding hills were seen from a different perspective. Walking is good not just for the body but for the soul, walking with other fellow humans also strenghens what it is to be human and the need for companionship.

Dogs also need walking !

This morning I felt more alive after yesterdays walk. I danced and sung with the chickens - like the fool I am - I feel sorry for my neighbours.

Spring has started late here in the Upper Tawe Valley, but it is such a welcome sight again.

Every year when the plants wake up - it is as though I have never seen them before - how quickly we forget. We need renewal. I need renewal.

I am opening my tiny one room studio this June, and will also open the garden. I have the anxiety provoking visit of the local NGS assessor on the 17th May - I keep thinking - this garden is too limited to be accepted - too scruffy, but then I remember all the gardens I have visited - and the ones I relate to best are not over- gardened - not too pristine.

I am alive today - thank God - alive in the depths of me.

I recommend dancing and singing with your chickens.



  1. I thought it was only me who danced and sung with chickens. We should form a club.

  2. yes, I'd would enjoy visiting your garden.
    Hope NGS says yes, thank you!

    1. Thank you Diana - you would be welcome anytime.


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