More ups and downs

Dear Monty,

This experience was uplifting - a walk with two other men coming to terms with the issues that are put our way - the changes wrought by age and retirement, the pain and joy of memories both good and ill. Uplifting though because it is so true that burdens shared really do lighten the load.

Forest Coal Pit to Twmpa.

I wound up the road from LLanigon in my battered car to the foot of the Black Mountains.
I saw a mountain hare
A red kite circling
A raven
And skylarks

Over the Gospel Pass to meet
Two men
Like 'Last Of The Summer Wine'

Hedgerows were bursting into new life
Arum, sorrel, aconite, digitalis, primrose and budding branches

We walked past Journalists houses

We pulled up to the ridge on a sunken lane

Unburdening on our way
Stress and anxiety
Passion and dreams
and the real things of this strange life

Llanthony Priory like a miniature medieval ruin
We try and pronounce Capel y Fin and

Easier to say Lord Hereford's Knob

With a smirk we finally mount the priapic mound

And big skies greet us in the evening sun.



  1. After reading another blog today (you know which one), I can't help adulterating part of your verse:

    Over the Gospel Pass to meet
    Two men
    Like 'Last Of The Summer Wine'
    Missing a third.

    You'll understand, I'm sure.

    And stop reminding Charles that he's old!

    1. Yes a sad thought - not reminding Charles of being old - but missing the third.

  2. Good to have two perspectives on your ramblings! Xx

  3. From one older man - thanks for the posting. Enjoyed JC

  4. Baggsy Clegg....

    Lovely verse and pics Paul. :)


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